A Surge in Demand for Full-Stack Developers

A Surge in Demand for Full-Stack Developers

Amazon pays its full-stack developers ₹ 257500/mo. The pay range is ₹247K – ₹268K. Shocker? Not really, right? Well, you could see and find out for yourself on Glassdoor. It is a well-used website that gives information about the salaries of full-stack developers across various renowned companies

Full-stack developers are considered versatile assets for any organization due to their field expertise and technological insights. Stacks have the ability to create and design a product through all the different stages and layers of engineering by themselves. Furthermore, they consistently deliver an advantage over partial task professionals, thus developing the demand toward companies. This blog will discuss the surging demand for Full-Stack developers and how the labor market compares to this demand in the tech world. 

Full-Stack Developer’s Significance

Today, web developers are required to perform much more complex tasks than ever before in the history of tech evolution. The shift to the cloud and an increase in the use of mobile devices have been the primary reasons for the rise in demand of multi-skilled web developers. “Lifting and shifting” workloads to the cloud involves a robust strategy. It includes a complex combination of management and technology challenges as well as staff and resource realignment. This change in technology and approach towards web sciences has resulted in a need for skillful full-stack employees.


According to Glassdoor, an entry-level Full Stack Software Engineer who holds work experience of less than one year can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of ₹375,000.

Whereas, an early career with 1 to 4 years of experience for a Full Stack Software Engineer earns an average total compensation of ₹553,006.

Lastly, a mid-career Full Stack Software Engineer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹1,375,689. They are also subjected to experience an exponential 133% raise in salary at this point. 

exponential graph
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What is the Demand for full-stack developers?

Nowadays, it’s commonly known that full-stack developers can work on various programming projects. From user interfaces to server-side programming, to database applications, and everything in between are the reasons for their abundant demand. Moreover, they can be promoted to managerial or executive duties since they have a deep understanding of the entire architecture having experience in frontend and backend development. The Hindustan Times also highlighted industry reports that show a 20% growth in the demand for full-stack developers in 2018 v/s 2017. Companies are shifting preferences to having multi-skilled professionals on-board. Hence, it’s no secret that more companies today are looking to hire young and talented software developers. 

According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report, there has been a rise of 35% in the number of jobs for full-stack developers every year since 2015. It ranks as the 4th most emerging job on the same coveted list. To reiterate, with the worldwide economies and the Indian economy encouraging the growth of startups, the demand for this job is unlikely to cease anytime soon. However, the labor supply has not been able to keep pace with the surging full-stack developers’ labor demand. 

Crisis At Hand

Currently, the job market is brimming with data experts and software development jobs. Anand Narayanan, chief product officer at Simplilearn, says that at present there are 1.2 lakh jobs open for full-stack developers in India. They also come with a compelling annual salary package. However, the current industry scenario shows an increasing demand-supply gap for full-stack developers due to the lack of a job-ready workforce. 

Additionally, recent research by firm Gfk and businesses within London’s Shoreditch Tech Cluster reveals that 77% of the employers feel there is a lack of skilled employees. This shortage of talent has far more serious economic consequences. The need for software developers and technical specialists is growing. Plus, there is more competition to retain top talent. Even when companies find reliable developers, they face the following challenges:

  • The developer doesn’t have relevant experience.
  • They don’t have the technical skills required.
  • Shortage of soft skills (Fluent English, problem-solving skills, analytical, logical reasoning, teamwork, work ethic, flexibility, coordination, etc.)

Despite this, as technology turns to a more central fixture of the society, the demand for developers will keep increasing. If developers cannot meet these demands, companies might have to resort to outsourcing.  


The future definitely has a lot of surprises in store with regards to the evolution of technology. If you are looking to make it big in the IT industry, you need to stay open to all the possibilities. You should also start learning about different platforms and languages. In order to bridge the skill gap between demand and supply, many enterprises are headhunting candidates with the right skill set.

Therefore, this makes it important for job seekers to focus on up-skilling in terms of the necessary programming languages. These will not only help build a compelling resume but also open more growth avenues for aspiring developers. This job continuously influences you to learn new things constantly. With the current fast-paced technological advancements, doing the same work for long periods of time might become tedious. At this very point, upgrading your skills and knowledge will help you immensely. A lot of online platforms and communities can help you with the skill upgradation. This will help speed you up with the technologies required. If you are looking for them, please refer to this list for the best full-stack development courses

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