Self-Paced Courses: Top 10 Courses

Self-Paced Courses: Top 10 Courses

It is important as an aspiring developer to have a flexible learning opportunity. This is a list of 10 self-paced courses that will help you comfortably move forward with web development while being able to manage other parts of your life!

#1 Full Stack Javascript

self paced courses

Provider: Simpliv LLC
Fees: ₹2,946
Duration: 17 Hours
Syllabus Details: 

  • Mastering JavaScript
  • Web Development with Node.JS and MongoDB
  • Mastering Express Web Application Development
  • Learning Web Development with the MEAN Stack
    Mastering MEAN Web Development

#2 Full Stack Online Certification Course


Provider: Eckovation
Fees: ₹14,999
Duration: $ months
Syllabus Details: 

  • Pre-requisites for a Full Stack Developer
  • Node js
  • Node Modules
  • Interaction with Web
  • Accessing File Systems
  • Handling Events and Streams

#3 MERN Stack Training 

mern stack

Provider: SevenMentor
Fees: ₹25,000
Duration: 4 months
Syllabus Details: 

  • Getting Started with MERN Stack Course
  • MERN Introduction
  • The Basics of MERN Stack
  • Databinding & Directive Concepts
  • Advanced Component and Databinding
  • Advance Directive Concepts

#4 Full Stack Development Course 

self paced courses

Provider: Digikull
Fees: ₹1,00,000
Duration: 25 weeks
Syllabus Details:

  • Onboarding, HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript and DOM manipulation
  • Introduction to React & List
  • Debugging & Project architecture
  • Networking & Routing

#5 Full-Stack Developer 

self paced courses

Provider: MIIT Global Services
Fees: ₹15,000
Duration: 120 Hours
Syllabus Details:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Responsive Design
  • Angular JS
  • SPA
  • Filters

#6 Full-Stack Development Course Net

online learning

Provider: Digital Connext
Fees: ₹22,000
Duration: 3.5 Months
Syllabus Details:

  • Main Modules
  • Working with .NET Technology
  • Language Syntax of C#
  • ADO .Net with SQL Server 2005/2008
  • Web Programming with ASP.NET

#7 Full-Stack Development Training 


Provider: devU
Fees: ₹17,000
Duration: 10 weeks 
Syllabus Details:

  • Front-End Introduction
  • HTML Level One – Basics
  • HTML Level Two – Advanced
  • CSS Level One – Basics
  • CSS Level Two – Advanced
  • Capstone Project One

#8 Full Stack Web Development 

self paced courses

Provider: Preface Coding
Fees: ₹5,14,110
Duration: 80 Hours 
Syllabus Details:

  • Frontend Programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Programming Basics with Ruby
  • OOP & Database Management
  • MVC & Ruby on Rails Basics
  • Advanced Ruby on Rails and Final Project

#9 Full Stack Developer Master Course 

self paced courses

Provider: Digital Vidya
Fees: ₹50,000
Duration: 11 months
Syllabus Details:

  • Front End Development
  • Software Engineering & Database Management
  • Back End Development

#10 Full Stack Development With Mean

mean stack

Provider: ProStack Academy
Fees: ₹20,000
Duration: 60 Hours
Syllabus Details:

  • HTML5, CSS
  • Bootstrap – Framework Training
  • JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX
  • Angular 10

If you are new to the programming world, don’t let this scare you. It’s just a guideline and you can take a different path to learn Web Development and become a Web Developer, you can choose the path you like and stick to that. At the end of the day, you should have enough knowledge and experience about the things mentioned here. 

This article helps freshers as well as those who are newly learning programming. If we learn one language we can use all languages. Each Language has a head, body section. All programs have a human-like body structure.

If you are interested in understanding more about full-stack development, read our other blogs or sign up for webinars catered towards aspiring full-stack developers.

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