Choosing the right Bootcamp in 2021

“A bootcamp is not only a great way to learn the skillset of coding, but also to network and see what a career in coding could look like based on an individual’s areas of interest.”

Dan Ayoub, Microsoft Education General Manager

A web development Bootcamp is several months or a year-long education program that aims to help motivated beginners to become job-ready graduates and finally, get their dream jobs. With the specific focus on practical, real-world projects, web development bootcamps fuse fundamental web development theory with the industry skills that are invaluable in the current market. The result? A comprehensive, high-impact learning experience that will help you become a well-qualified web developer.

Full-stack bootcamps teach the principles of both back-end and front-end web development. Back-end education focuses on the foundational code that drives a website, as well as the integration of front-end code, while front-end education focuses on producing interfaces that users can interact with directly. Taking less time than a traditional degree, bootcamps focus on equipping you with both the technical skills alongside the soft skills that will see you slot seamlessly into an already well-established team.

Before embarking on a journey to become a full-stack developer, these are some things you should consider:

Bootcamp Schedule

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How many hours of study can you realistically commit to learning web development per month? Do you intend to fit your studies around your full-time job, or are you planning on dropping everything to focus on making the switch? If the former is correct, you might be more suited to an online, flexibly paced bootcamp. If the latter rings true, you might be more drawn to an intensive, in-person course

Bootcamp Fees

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Are you comfortable with investing a significant amount of money into your bootcamp education? There are some really expensive programs that come with guaranteed placements and counseling, and then there are cheaper options. You will have to do a lot of research to find the one that fits your budget.

Bootcamp Length

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Do you wish to complete your bootcamp education as soon as possible, or are you willing to devote a longer period of time to this endeavor? Consider your timeline when browsing the options. There are bootcamps out there that one can complete within months and then there are those that one can complete over a couple of years. Each have their own advantages so make your pick accordingly.

Return on investment in your area of interest with regard to full-stack development

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Understanding potential outcomes after bootcamp completion is an important consideration. Upon completing your bootcamp, will you earn your desired income in your region of interest? Be sure you are confident with your income potential before investing time and money into your full-stack bootcamp education. This will dictate how long you will take before you can make all the money you invested for the bootcamp. The shorter the said span, the better the investment.

Number of Full Stack Job posting in your region of interest 

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Is there a demand for full-stack developers in your region of interest? Be confident that there will be job openings at the time you will be entering the market.

Alternative fields of interest 

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Before settling on full-stack development, be sure to consider any other areas of interest. Do they offer better job prospects or income potential in your area? Perhaps another program might better suit your interest! Be sure to select the field that best suits your desired position, income, and overall outcome.

There are innumerous bootcamps around the world and even in your city. Choosing the right one can be nerve-wracking. Don’t let the options startle you. The right decision is only a few steps away. Do thorough research, refer to the reviews and make sure to keep the above-mentioned parameters in mind to narrow down your options.

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