Career Advancement Courses for Developers.

Career Advancement Courses for Developers.

The best full-stack development courses online are difficult to find since it takes intensive research and following up with providers. Full-stack web development is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative and fast-growing web development career paths. It has a remarkably high average annual salary. As you go higher up the experience ladder, the salary package indefinitely gets heftier. If you are looking for courses that will help you upskill and hence help in career advancement, this is just what you need!

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Course #1: Full Stack Development Professional

Provider: Careerera
Fees: ₹54,000
Duration: 120 hours
Topics Covered:

  • Front-end Course Modules(HyperText Mark-up Language (HTML5))
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3)
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • jQuery-Mobile

Amazing Experience. Excellent trainer with thorough knowledge of the subject. I was able clear my exam. I strongly recommend it.

Lata Sharma
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Course #2: Master Certificate Program In Full Stack Development

Provider: Jigsaw Academy
Fees: ₹85,000
Duration: 5 months
Topics Covered:

  • Foundation
  • Automation Testing
  • Javascript Technologies
  • Application Developer

Very faculty Co-ordination thanks to Kamal for his wonderful support and guidance.any queries he is the person in Jigsaw it will be resolved. Super guidance form him as to way approach the Analytics career. His experience in the field is vast so for the professionals better to approach him before you want to make a career

Rohit Itagi

Course #3: Advanced Software Development In Full-Stack Javascript

Provider: Code Fellows
Fees: ₹8,53,320
Duration: 11 weeks
Topics Covered:

  • Concepts
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Languages
  • Environments and Tools

I’m a software developer with thirty-odd years’ experience, from x86 assembler right on the silicon up through C and C++, to SQL stored procedures and SOAP Web services. But learning JavaScript full-stack dev was like hacking through a swampy jungle – there are a LOT of opinions out there, and like anything else, half of them are below average. Where CF really added value for me was their deep experience with what hiring managers are actually hiring for. After 8 weeks in the Mongo/Express/Angular/Node stack, I was ready for interviews, and in fact accepted a job offer during the last week of class. There was a little bit of instability in the TA staffing, as both our TAs got jobs during the course (is that a bug, or a feature?), but the curriculum was solid and the instructor was outstanding – knowledgeable, articulate, and pretty funny, which doesn’t hurt. Would definitely take another CF course.

Andrew Nelson
career advancement

Course #4: Full Stack Software Development

Provider: Study Portals
Fees: ₹7,98,436
Duration: 1 year
Topics Covered:

  • Modern software development
  • Data modelling and back end development
  • Application frameworks
  • User-centric design
  • Master-level optional studies
  • Research methods

I have enjoyed my experience with Studyportals, I received a lot of relevant information and so when the time came to make a decision I believe it was a well informed one. I would recommend Studyportals to anyone considering further education; it provided much needed guidance.

Danelle Pinnock
Full stack

Course #5: Post Graduate Programme In Full Stack Engineering

Provider: BITS Pilani
Fees: ₹2,45,000
Duration: 11 months
Topics Covered:

  • Overview of Full Stack Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Agile and DevOps
  • Deployment of Microservices 2
  • Capstone Project

BITS is one of the most reputed colleges of India and when it comes to placements in has a placement record of almost 100% in my batch, everyone was placed in reputed companies and the highest package bagged was from Goldman sacs at 72.5 Lacs P/A. The top recruiting companies who visit here are Federal bank, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Almost every role offered here are of a managerial or engineer level rarely someone gets a tester or de-bugger profile. Infrastructure: Pilani is designed beautifully keeping in mind the convenience of people to get to places. Every department had an AC, Wi-Fi, and projector installed with audio for a clear understanding of concepts, hostels are beautifully designed and always clean and the food served here is very tasty and hygienic also medical assistance is also very punctual. Faculty: The faculty members are the best thing for this college as the majority of professors are from different IIT’s or IIMs and a mandatory Ph.D. degree and has teaching experience of more than 20+ years, teachers are also very friendly and clear all doubts also the syllabus designed is very precise and accurate for every stream making students industry-ready. Other: BITS Pilani is a wonderland, it gave us so many memories that we couldn’t forget for a lifetime. The ambience around here is so charismatic and everyone showcases their talent in a fest or in any event which breaks the monotony of study.

Kriti Goyal

Course #6: Full Stack Development Course Net Full-Stack Development Course .Net

Provider: Digital Connext
Fees: ₹22,000
Duration: 3.5 months
Topics Covered:

  • Main Modules
  • Working with .NET Technology
  • Language Syntax of C#
  • ADO .Net with SQL Server 2005/2008
  • Web Programming with ASP.NET

I highly recommended Digital Connext. Trainers are highly experienced in their respective field. Great support from mentor. Turned out to be a career enhancer for me

Daily Dose
career advancement

Course #7: Software Engineering Track

Provider: Code Chrysalis
Fees: ₹9,34,766
Duration: 12 weeks
Topics Covered:

  • Setting the Stage
  • Computer Science & Adv. JavaScript
  • Full-Stack Application
  • Industry & Real World Applications
  • Polyglottal Week
  • Outcomes Prep & Demo Day

The three things make Code Chrysalis superb. I guess. Code Chrysalis is an excellent coding bootcamp. Theres no doubt that the course curriculum itself is outstanding. You can learn software engineering with the Bayarea latest style while living in Japan. It teaches you to become autonomous. However, since a lot of exstudents have already written about the application process and what the immersive course is like, Id like to share the three best things about Code Chrysalis beside the course itself. 1. Psychological safety If you want to seriously achieve in something, you should immerse yourself in an intense environment and must get out your comfort zone. And then you need to do try & error until you feel like you got this. To do that, Okaytomakeamistake atmosphere is really important. Code Chrysalis knows that and they provides mentoring and takes great care of their students to build psychological safety atmosphere within the class. 2. Awesome classmate and Networking This course is very intense. To be honest, the 12weeks program was really hard. Since you overcome this hard obstacle together with your classmates and the staff, they become pretty much like family. This friendship is the one of the best things I got from this course. Also they do a lot of meetups, such as giving a techtalk in the public event, which is part of the course. you can build a wide network of connections through the course by being exposed to the public. 3. International environment I think an ONLYEnglish program is super rare in Japan. Dont quote me but Im pretty sure there is only one or two international diverse environment in Tokyo. Being Japanese, I think its really hard to put yourself in an onlyEnglish communication environment. But because of this environment, I gained the confidence in my English work for an international company. This is tremendous achievement for me.

Hiroyuki Momoi

Course #8: Full Stack Web Development With Node.Js

Provider: Coding Ninjas
Fees: ₹16,991
Duration: 4-5 months
Topics Covered:

  • The initial lectures will cover the introduction and the history of the web
  • The lectures will focus on the concepts of CSS and cover few significant projects
  • These lectures will include an emphasis on building creative websites with animation.
  • The lectures during this period will be focused on advanced topics of CSS
  • This segment will focus on the introduction of JavaScript.
  • More projects and assignments will be covered to infuse the element of practical learning

The course gave me an opportunity to enhance my coding skills and polish the concepts of web development. I was able to gain confidence for the interviews. Assignments and the teachings scenarios laid the foundation for my preparations. I am thankful to Coding Ninjas for giving me an opportunity to appear for interviews and helping me bag the placement offers in VirSoftech and Amazon.

Astha Kumari

Course #9: Intermediate Software Development

Provider: Coding Fellows
Fees: ₹3,55,550
Duration: 4 weeks
Topics Covered:

  • Concepts
  • Languages
  • Environments and Tools

I also was a Code Fellows student in their 201 and 301 classes. I struggled in both classes due to an inability to absorb so much information in such a short time. However, Code Fellows understood my situation and has given me the option to retake both classes at no cost. They also provided me with a learning plan at the end of my 301 class. I am still pondering on whether this vocation is for me, but I appreciated the empathetic approach that Code Fellows demonstrated towards me. The only advice I would give is to perhaps toughen their entrance standards for their 201 class and also require more prep work before starting the 201 course, as this class felt overwhelming almost from day one

Willie Richardson

Course #10: Full-Stack Masterclass

Provider: Junocollege
Fees: ₹85,000
Duration: 8 weeks
Topics Covered:

  • React Deep Dive
  • Intro to Express
  • Intro to MongoDB
  • Intro to Models & Mongoose
  • Routing
  • Advanced Mongoose Querying & Back-end Authentication

Most likely going to be one of the most pivotal decisions I’ve made in my life. Before HackerYou, I was more or less lost. I had been in a job as a developer before and then a year as a web administrator. I was plagued with ‘imposter syndrome’ and my confidence in my own skills as a developer were, by and large, low. I made a decision to go to HackerYou after one of my friend, she had a friend who had taken the bootcamp at HackerYou in the past and she had known about the issues I was facing career-wise. She encouraged me to try the part-time and then go full-time if I liked it and I’m forever thankful to her after listening to her recommendation. I loved everything about the bootcamp, it was such a mind-blowing experience. The instructors that I had in Ryan and Danny were some of the most awesome instructors I’ve had in my life. There’s actually an insane difference of environment between the university environment and the environment here. My classmates were trying their best, helped each other out and I honestly felt as though there was a big sense of camaraderie amongst us and all the instructors and mentors (Zoe, Adam) were doing their best to bring the best out of us. I could honestly write a book about how amazing this place is, but I’ll just say that I’ve said goodbye to the imposter syndrome and that no one can break my confidence as a developer now.

Michael Yiu

If you are interested in understanding more about full-stack development, Knowledg has an ongoing series of webinars called the ‘What the Stack?’ series. All of the webinars are free to attend and we have invited expert guest speakers to help you on your journeys! Sign up here.

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